thatswhatevesaid : about understanding God

I have no idea how to explain God.

I’ll use the sky as my descriptive analogy, and concure that it is:


God and the sky are immeasurable.
Best friends of the infinite; neighbour’s of the cosmic. The ‘go big or go home’ types if you want to be human about it.

God shouldn’t be fathomable, should he? Isn’t there something holistic about the inconceivable?  Everything viably human, can be measured within reason or limits, and cracked down to a nutshell.

According to Wikipedia,  the light that streams through the clouds giving off that ethereal godly effect is scientifically referred to as, Crepuscular Rays. A cloud formation that happens at the peak of dusk. This scene is known as twilight. 

So for those who seared your pupils gazing upon the eternal, you now know the truth!

Now. You’re not on your own; I’m going to participate too. How are you going to understand God. Even if it’s only for a moment, I dare you to be comfortable with the uncomfortable,  and fathome the infinite.

Are you ready?



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