thatswhatevesaid : but would you rather…?

Apples or Oranges?
Paris or Rome?
Death or Eternity?

Life is full of options. 

You can laugh, cry, step on cracks, try this, quit that, and eat saturated fats; nonetheless it’s a choice.

My walk with God has certainly not been in a park. I found that I have (and still do) struggle with God more than welcome Him.

I believe it can all be pegged down to social exchange theory: weighing the benefits and the costs in terms of social behavior in relationships.

In a few words or less, I think the most plausible human response is…..

“So what’s in it for me?”

Oh great, another wall. A question I can’t thoroughly answer, or define with whole understanding. In fact, I’m still seeking the answer myself!

WHAT: Would you rather?

Choosing otherwise seems easier. Living and doing without this thing called God. How much greener is the grass on the other side, I would like to see!

I’ve made a choice. A choice to value something purer than the world, a choice to cherish and believe in what I cannot see, and a choice to center my life around the unknown.


But, I choose Him.



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