thatswhatevesaid : naked

Mulan did it, Shakespeare is famous for it,  and Eve totally started it.

It’s that little game history likes to call deception.

Recently while I was getting dressed, painting my face, and showering in Guerlain’s signature scent, it dawned on me —- I’m kind of a master at this universal trickery.

I’m always so concerned with what is seen, rather than being seen. I’ve never really dared to be truly bare all the accessories. 

Maybe it’s an age thing, and I’m just getting ahead of myself. My self in the sense that it hasn’t reached itself yet.

Though somehow, I don’t think there’s a wall I have to hit or a milestone I have to make. What is a good day to legitimately be naked; bask in the bareness that is in fact, me?!

Not today, but surely soon! It’s already happening. I just wanted to put it in writing for the months leading up to my big reveal.

I’m growing up. Wow.



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