thatswhatevesaid : under the influence

One of my favorite things to do is learn new words. For example,  a few months ago I stumbled across the word eunoia.  I love how it uses up all the room in your mouth, and ends, falling right off your bottom lip!

It means “beautiful thinking” or of “well mind.”

UH. Double-whammy. A stunning word with a great meaning.  **settle oh restless heart, settle.

It’s like God. You get an impression at first;  then you discover the meaning, and before you know it…you understand!

One thing I know is that I want to serve, and be a delight in the eyes of God.

Being under the influence of Him is where my soul finds richness and
desire.  I feel steady in his hand, and awake in his spirit. I want to walk like he did, feel how he felt, and see what he saw. Be a being of undeniable care and humility.

I want to use my time to be selfless.



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