thatswhatevesaid : being God’s BFF

WOW. It’s been a while.

My apologies for my inconsistency and it’s- been- a- month- lateness!

If we were friends, you’d probably hate me right now. It’s like you sent a text and I totally just left you hanging. I totally just did that.

Come to think of it, being a Christian is much like a friendship with God; you talk, you hang out, you share experiences with one another…God is like a really awesome best friend. But in order to keep this ‘best friend’ status, one must be committed to this friendship.  This seemed to be such a problem for me before…to really commit to God. Honestly, it’s like I would make dinner plans with God and never follow through. DON’T YOU HATE THAT?!…..I’m sure God does too.

So, this is what happened…

Over the past few months, my relationship with God has really reached that ‘best friend’ level.  (I decided to book that dinner date with God and actually go this time) I’ve discovered that when God is the focus and center of my life, things really take a turn for the better. There is this certain brightness that is added to everyday…an unearthly joy.

Studying scripture, spending time with God through prayer, and a little song are all I need to keeping my connection with Him.

’tis all I need…