Sacrifice & Submit


    1. an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.  
  1. accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.

Every day, Christians are called to put themselves aside; defuse their sense of all former opinions, feelings, and needs to demonstrate the truth of Jesus Christ. We must sacrifice all of ourselves and submit to Christ.

“So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:6

This is a marvelous form of love between God and his creation. It is God’s reminder for us that he is God, and we are not, and that he brings worth to life.  But I feel,  the act of submitting to God, or anything, fuels confusion and negativity initially when presented. After all, it’s in our nature to rebel against God (Adam and Eve for instance), and go our own way.

 But, we are to accept the authority of Christ and strive to be like Him in ALL that we do. *sugar-coating you’ve been denied*

Truly, I believe that this is the way things are meant to be; just as the sun rises in morning, your heart beats, and a man loves a woman.

This strikes a cord because, ‘being like Christ’ is not an easy task;  I feel like a terrible person because I’m chronically disappointed in what I’ve said, done or not done, and the times that I know I’m clearly in the wrong. It’s a slow backward-forward progression of ‘I’ve got this, ‘ and ‘oops, nevermind.’

I have only the mortal extent of my own mind to imagine the pain that God felt when he released his only child to a world full of loss, danger, and sin. Above all, this in turn would be light to a world otherwise flooded with decay and disgrace.

I suppose that answers the question of  ‘What would Jesus do?’ and it inspires the ways in which I am to live; sometimes it may feel like more than I can bear but, God did it, correct?

“Submit to God, and you will have peace; then things will go well for you” Job:22:21

As for the heaviness I feel for being a fully-flawed-fragile-human, I know that my choice to embed God, and his ‘holiness’ into every crevice and crack of my life is THE best and most important thing that I will ever decide to do in my life. God gave his son for my sake, and the life I have represents a thank you note back to Him.

Really the alternative is to live life the way I choose, and reap the consequences of my carelessness, OR submit to a loving saviour who passionately wants to be evident throughout my life — adding worth and meaning every single day.

In close, when you sacrifice your former dumb human ways and realize the purity and direction that Jesus has set out for you, ”What would Jesus do?” turns out to be a pretty important question. That is sugar coated but…ain’t it sweet!

As I evolve in my faith and draw closer to God, I guarantee I will be eternally pleased.

And get this… so will He. 

“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in the mirror. You see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like.  But if you carefully look into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.” James 2:22-25