Purple & Extraordinary Things

Purple is my favorite color. I like it because…I just do. But I also like it because it’s something that pleases my eyes.

Soft Purple:
It’s brilliant the ways that God changes our lives.
In the beginning when it hits you…sometimes you have no idea that it’s even hit you. You begin a new adventure – something exciting, something wonderful, and you know it, but you really don’t. All you know at that time is that it is good.

Grey Purple:
It’s inspiring the way God works in our lives.
You are reminded every day that you are a cherished child that God, and He loves perfectly – but even children need to grow.

This is one of the deepest shades, and where you begin to understand that purple is a little more than one consistent color. God prompts you for his plan, and promotes change all over again.
This time the change is in you.

Then, in a wonderful and mysterious way, God opens our eyes for us to see Him. We can see Him!
I am so filled up, and spiritually thrilled!
I’m purple. I’m bright and beautiful, purple!

It’s extraordinary the way God blesses us in life, promotes change, and clears our lenses to see his wonderful plan…. His amazing glory.

I wrote in my journal once that I wanted something extraordinary to happen to me; I was open for what God wanted to reveal in my life and within myself. He certainly has.

Purple is still my favorite color, and I’m thankful for my life, and the many hues and blends of it.

“God open my eyes to see how you are setting me up. Give me the courage to go along.”