A Great Hold

I’m more honest in my writing when sleep is asking why I’m still up…
I’ve been prompted to write my heart, and here it is, 
I have a great hold on my life; a grasp on my heart that can’t let go. Won’t let go. And I ask, ‘don’t let go.’ Could this be God? Yes, I believe it very much is. Could it just be me…thinking too much? Yes, I believe it very much is.  

Is this great grasp comfortable? Yes, but no. Is this great grasp effective? Yes, but no. 

I listened to a very good sermon today; observing topics of how God, in the beginning, gave Adam and Eve a rightful spot in creation; they were perfection along with the rest of God’s work. But then they turned away. They were evicted. God removed their position, and cast them out of His detailed picture. They wore sin as clothing, and they realized it. But still…there was a great hold on their life. 

The time of Easter is a road map that God asks us to follow. His work of painting us in, and out of the Garden, but seeking us to come back — dying on a tree for me /shedding his blood/ casting His soul so mine can return. Back. 

This is my great hold: 

  • The keystone that leads my heart is my Lord-the Saviour- Jesus. This great hold is grasping so tenderly for my attention, my mind, my heart. Here it is — I give you all of it, and the broken beats. Here, oh God, take back the heart that you made, and give it a life-beat, a heart-beat that remains in you. 
  • My love, this is for you. I choose to remain in you — even though, like them, I strayed from the Garden. I will always come back. I choose you! You are my first human choice —- under my heavenly choice. You have the heart I imagine Him to have too. This is why I love you. You have a great hold on me. You are my loveliest gift, and truest hope in life. Shalom, you are my peace. 

As this week follows, I pray for a great hold on the world. That the world will find His outstretched palm – the One who lays his life on behalf of his friends – Jesus – the One with a great hold over me.