Hello Reader of this post, 

As a follower of my beloved Saviour Jesus Christ, I am called to lay out the things of my heart in hope that I plant the seed of truth, and glorify the gospel of Christ. 

In this post, I hope to contribute to the ongoing conversation regarding mental health and suicide. I will also discuss and compare my faith in Christianity in contrast to the novel-turned Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. 

In the short but powerful TV drama 13 Reasons Why, the viewing audience is quickly made aware that Hannah Baker is dead.  A troubled high school student that we come to know through several self-recorded tapes, documenting the people and reasons behind her decision to end her life. 
Apart from the extensive and graphic topics of suicide, the series explores mature themes such as: bullying, alcoholism, drug-use, self-harm, domestic violence, gun violence, and rape. 
By the final episode, I was heartbroken and absolutely gutted. 

To me, this series reaffirms the distance between God and all of us; highlighting the penalty of our sin which has brought trial, pain, and suffering to this world. 

Of course I wouldn’t blame Hannah or anyone for feeling pain towards those who did them wrong. This is expected, and in a way, an inherited human trait; without God, our unfortunate circumstances can define us, but it doesn’t have to.
“We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
 each of us has turned to our own way;
 and the Lord has laid on him
 the iniquity of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6 NIV) 

But. What I have stated above, is not the entire gospel truth; for Jesus has felt the pain of sin we committed before and forever. Jesus died in our place, and rose again so that we may have LIFE. His blood shed on the cross is the greatest sacrifice for all human brokenness, human pain, human suffering, and human sin. Our life is restored through a perfect saviour.

In 13 Reasons Why I feel the opposite is true. Death is a logical means to a literal end; relief of self, words and feelings are actually heard, and death represents victory from devastation. It pains me that for some, this is truth. 

My faith has inspired me to believe that we are not meant to die in vain. The intention of Christ for us was never to succumb to the paths of mental, emotional, and physical brokenness. 

In conclusion, I pray in all ways we seek a solution bigger than ourselves. May we flee from evil and put on peace. For our Lord is kind, and turns us from being weathered to renewed in spirit. In Christ’s transformative name, 
“May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.”

2 Thessalonians 3:5 | NIV

May life win. 


12 thoughts on “THIS SHOW. 

  1. I t said that you just posted. Talk about Good timing.

    I’m not even sure what I was gonna even say to you to comfort you and urge you on….

    We all just continue on,,,,,, that’s what I was trying to read on my own blog, but boom I’m here. With you. I’m gonna go back and recover from this and reread your post.

    Wow. Dang. My 14 year old neice. Fixed herself up short noose and vacuum sealed her head in a plastic in the middle of the night after everyone was sleep , and. Only by mercy of God, as I see it , or luck as. Others do. My sister had to pee , which is not normal for , her but she didn’t go past the closed door. She said she just felt. Indescribable. Urge,

    It was. Not easy to get her cut loose. She was already unconscious and was in great danger of her mother inflicting more damage trying to remove the plastic. Layers off her face and trying to lossen the padlock like knot that was crushing her wind pipe.

    I have not seen the show you speak of but I do have a great testimony of one like Hannah, who survived….. it may have a great comfort to you if you’d like to talk more. …


  2. As my own understanding and place in life is a great testimony of the way I was going was where I was given to be, but I had choices , and God has purpose. if you’d like to talk with me. I’d love to hear from the heart that God himself was listening too.
    I know he heard mine , he sent me right to you. Wow


  3. I was a little girl. Lost in a big world, yes kids , teenagers are very cruel and. There is no fear of God., taught to them , bit there is a great evil in a grown man ,,, (in the world ,of men regardless of Gender,). ….. I can testify to the God that was holding and guiding me in his hands. Yes bad things happened, that is things not written for TV. , to terrible to be covered by the evening news.


  4. I did not die, I was given a choice not to live or die, but I chose to return I wanted to go back where I was , it’s where I went to play, no memories of anything else , there was no pain felt. That was happening to my little 10. 11 year old body I opened y eyes and that presence of God, in the innocence of my heart. Has never left me. Even though I went my own ways, so always know , God takes care of his children. …….


  5. Even at this moment. Your heart cries out for understanding,,, or truth, ,,,, God searches our hearts ,,, he hears the cries of his own. He created you for himself, there is no answers. From. Me or any living human.. There is nothing equal to or above all things that are in the world. He is my Heavenly Father and there is no mediator between us… ….. who can know what is or is not the teachings, to be truth. No one but God ,, it was a great blessing to meet with. You. I can’t. Teach the world or answer questions. Same questions That I am asking to. At the same time… but I can say ….. God is with just me and you. I’m done now . Feel free to email. Me . I want to ask you something to.. feel free to delete these .. I got carried away. A apologize


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