Missing Him at the Party

Today, I celebrated my wonderful friend’s birthday. Her 37th. It was a fabulous time, and it was wonderful to meet her very much alive and well brother in law whom I recently prayed for, her friends, lots of oysters, and much alcohol and laughter around the table. Like I said…it was fabulous.

Fabulous, and lacking the most important person to me. My husband.

There wasn’t a seat left for you, but you were definitely invited; I made lots of space in my mind for you – no one let me forget you. I’m the one with the husband from Utah who’s moving ‘hopefully before May.’

I love you. And all these couples around the table make me sad. I’m one of those too, you know! He’s just away at the moment; 2 hours behind away- in Utah.

I’m used to it, but I still cried on the way home listening to the Waitress musical. I still cried.

One day we’ll have all our life together, as ‘they’ say. In that time, we’ll eat meals, and dine with friends…it’ll be fabulous!

Fabulous now too. I take you with me everywhere I am. My heart remembers you, my love.

All my love to you my husband.